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Meet the Team

Lauren McCarthy


Lauren McCarthy began practising pilates in 2004 and qualified to teach pilates mat work in 2007 with the PilatesFoundation. She has also completed the fully comprehensive studio training with Polestar Pilates.  Lauren has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group exercise leader, gym instructor and was the former fitness trainer for the English National Ballet School. Pilates has changed Lauren’s opinion about exercise and what it means to have a healthy, strong and supple body.  Movement is medicine and restoring the body’s natural ability to move is Lauren’s aim for all her clients. Lauren is also a qualified Master Flexibility Trainer.

Lauren and Samantha have made a Vision for Orchardleigh Estate Wellness Retreats. We  hope  to make the experiences for our guests.

Unique, Rewarding, Humbling and Grounding.

Monika Daniel

Reiki Master

Monika Daniel, a dedicated Personal Trainer with over two decades of experience in guiding individuals towards their fitness goals. But Monika's expertise extends beyond the physical realm—she's also a qualified Reiki Master, having honed her skills in the serene landscapes of Koh Phangan, Thailand.

For Monika, healthy living and mindful nutrition are not just professions—they're a way of life. She firmly believes that a healthy body and a positive mindset are the keys to unlocking a truly fulfilling life. With her wealth of experience and holistic approach to wellness, Monika is committed to empowering her clients to achieve their best selves, inside and out.

Whether you're looking to transform your fitness routine, cultivate inner peace through Reiki, or adopt a more mindful approach to nutrition, Monika is here to guide you on your journey towards holistic health and well-being. With Monika by your side, you'll discover the transformative power of embracing a lifestyle rooted in balance, vitality, and joy.

Reiki Master at Orchardleigh Wellness Frome Somerset
Lifestyle Medicine Physician Orchardleigh Wellness Somerset

Dr Beatrice Lyons

 NHS GP and Lifestyle Medicine Physician

With 15 years of experience treating patients, Dr. Lyons brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the realm of health and wellness. Through her years of practice, she has witnessed both the successes and shortcomings of modern medicine, which has fueled her passion for exploring alternative approaches to healing.

Dr. Lyons has developed expertise in utilizing lifestyle changes as a powerful tool for treating disease and enhancing overall health. By focusing on holistic wellness, she empowers individuals to take control of their health and well-being through sustainable lifestyle modifications.

In addition to her medical background, Dr. Lyons is trained as a Transformational Coach, enabling her to provide personalized support and guidance to individuals seeking to implement positive changes in their lives. Her compassionate approach and dedication to helping others make lasting improvements set her apart as a valuable asset to the Orchardleigh Wellness Retreats team.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Lyons join us on our mission to inspire and empower individuals to live their healthiest, happiest lives.

Lyndsey Marriott

Breath Work Facilitator

Lyndsey Marriott is a trauma-informed breathwork facilitator based in Bristol and founder of Bristol Breathwork.. She continues to be amazed by the power of the breath. It is not simply its ability to regulate our mental and emotional state by shifting the state of our nervous system, but also its ability to heal, by facilitating the release of old patterns of emotional tension buried deep within the body. The profound shifts that occur when the body is invited to initiate its self-healing processes are awe-inspiring. She loves to share this with our guests at Orchardleigh Wellness to work and witness the gentle but transformational impact of breathwork on her clients.

Anna Nevala

 Breath Work Practitioner

Anna Nevala is the founder of Breathe Through, a wellness studio based in East London. She is a Breathwork practitioner with 350+ hours of training in different modalities of Breathwork, Somatics and Psychotherapy. Beyond her professional background, she is a human who has navigated complex trauma. This personal journey has equipped her with deep insight into the toll of repressed emotional pain on our system. She brings empathy and understanding to those feeling stuck, in pain or caught in a cycle. She is passionate about teaching and empowering people to use their breath to alleviate emotional issues, improve physical health and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves. Anna is humbled to work with Orchardleigh Wellness Retreats, and to embrace our Ethos.

Ali Hutchinson

Intuitive Coaching and Gut Health

Ali Hutchinson began her journey into Intuitive Health Coaching after a personal health issue with her gut. Working as an Interior and Garden designer at the time, she was advising clients on what to grow in their gardens while avoiding many of those same foods herself! Ali is a  Health Coach and Gut Health practitioner later qualifying to teach Meditation, Mindfulness and EFT Tapping as ways to broaden her support for clients. 

Never a big chocolate fan, a lifelong love of plants led her to working with Ceremonial Cacao and since opening her heart to this master plant medicine she has pivoted her business encouraging clients to drink this beautiful heart opening elixir before every intuitive coaching session she leads. 


In 2020 she began working with frequency medicine through a chance encounter with a sound healer and in 2023 cemented that journey by joining the Healy Business to work alongside their frequency devices.


Ali has been using her unique combination of skills, knowledge, and life experience to help support clients in her private practice for almost 10 years., and looks forward to supporting our guests at Orchardleigh Wellness Retreats. She believes that as individuals we each bring a set of unique traits to our healing journey and so she takes an intuitive approach to working with clients ensuring that their journey to wellness is as unique as they are.

Ali Hutchingson.jpg
amanda yoga_edited_edited.jpg

Amanda Wass


Amanda Wass has a lust for life, sports & connection; threading her joyful passion for mindful movement into her classes you can expect a warm, friendly greeting before immersing your mind, breath & body into our classes at Orchardleigh Wellness Retreats. Providing clear & valuable guidance, encouraging awareness & connection with the nuances of their practice so people can develop a sense of autonomy within their practice, Amanda's classes are mindful, expansive & immersive.

Having trained in Ashtanga, Amanda certified at Orion Healing Centre in 2019 and has been teaching yoga ever since. Complimenting her offerings she took her Yin yoga (60 hrs) certification with Sampoorna Yoga in 2020. Amanda offers vinyasa, yin, restorative classes for Orchardleigh Estate Retreats.


Sound Bath

Inspired by all the wisdoms my Indian heritage gifted me, I embarked on my souls path many years ago, & now an a disciple of all my training and time spent in Kerala, India.

Over the years I have weaved together my life and holistic experiences & knowledge to create ‘Temples for the Soul’ a unique healing space that offers a variety of traditional ancient Indian modalities, infused with inspirations from around the world. 

It is sacred healing space which takes you on a journey of healing, purification & spirituality, helping to connect to the Divine self bringing forth the wisdoms hidden within.With Kundalini yoga & nada yoga (sound)  at the forefront I pride myself in with working with Orchardleigh Wellness to invoking specific energies and enhancing vibrational frequency through Sacred sound ceremonies guided by the moon phases, elements & seasons. My qualifications are recognised by the British Yoga Alliance.

sound bath.jpg
Manger at Orchardleigh Wellness Retreats near Bath, Somerset


On behalf of the entire Orchardleigh Estate Wellness Retreats team, I extend a warm and personal welcome to you.

For over 25 years, Orchardleigh Estate has been a cherished part of my family's legacy, and it brings me great joy to share this special place with individuals like yourself who seek wellness and renewal. Your journey is important to us, and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of care and support along the way.

Each member of our team, from our coaches to our therapists, has been hand-picked to ensure that you receive nothing but the best on your wellness journey. With their expertise and dedication, they are here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing Orchardleigh Estate Wellness Retreats as your sanctuary for healing, growth, and self-discovery. I look forward to personally welcoming you and witnessing the transformative journey that lies ahead.

Warm regards, Samantha

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