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Orchardleigh House

Orchardleigh House, Frome, Somerset UK

Discover the allure of Orchardleigh House Retreat Center, a Victorian masterpiece nestled within the verdant landscapes of its 500-acre estate. Dating back to 1856, this architectural marvel offers a haven for retreats, boasting 42 opulent rooms exuding timeless elegance and charm. Admire panoramic views of the serene lake as you unwind in luxurious accommodations. Immerse yourself in rejuvenating yoga and pilates sessions, held in the exquisite ballroom or the picturesque orangery, aptly named the Belvedere. Delve into the rich history of this storied estate as you wander through its enchanting gardens, each step revealing a tapestry of vibrant blooms and tranquil pathways. Embrace the cozy ambiance of crackling fires during colder months, adding a touch of warmth to your retreat experience. At Orchardleigh House Retreat Center, every moment is an invitation to indulge in luxury, relaxation, and timeless beauty.

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